About Us

WRG has developed and acquired more than 7,700 multi-family units throughout the Western United States with project costs in excess of $1.1 Billion.   Over the course of its history, WRG has created substantial value and cash flow for its investment partners.

WRG is a fully integrated real estate development, construction, finance, and asset management company. The company was founded with the philosophy of creating long-term value for its partners and future residents while enhancing the surrounding communities.

Our experience, reputation, and proven track record in combination with our financial strength makes us the safe and recognized choice for real estate development.

Our success stems from our commitment to quality, design, prudent site selection, management of downside risk, and focus on creating and harvesting cash flow.

WRG develops and operates projects throughout the Western United States and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah.

Headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah

WRG has a long-term track record of developing, redeveloping, acquiring, and managing real estate assets while delivering healthy, risk-adjusted returns to investors.

WRG has built a lasting reputation for developing state of art projects with exceptional architectural design, construction quality, and enduring value.